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1988 Subaru Justy GL 4WD

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Drivetrain Parts and Upgrades:


OEM Subaru Clutches and Parts

Clutch Cable for 1987-1988 - DJCC1  $44

Clutch Cable for 1989+ - DJCC2  $29

Aftermarket Clutches Available for 200HP, Contact Us for availability!!!

Pilot Bearing - DJPB1  $19

Throw Out Bearing to 11/90 - DJTB1  $22

Throw Out Bearing for 12/90+ - DJTB2  $25


Front Hubs

New OEM Subaru, no more hunting junkyards for a worn out unit!!!

Front LH & RH hub for 1987-1988 - DJHUB1  $120

Front LH & RH hub for 1989-1994 - DJHUB2  $160

Lug Nut for all Justy - DJLNS  $2/ea


Transmission ID

1987-MAY 88 5 FWD Justy Only 32000KA560 TW64J5C1CH
JUN 88-1989 5 FWD Justy Only 32000KB330 TW64J5C2CH
1989 5 FWD Justy Only 32000KA990 TW64J5H2HK
1990-1994 5 FWD Justy Only 32000KB900 TW64J5H3HK
1988-MAY 88 5 4WD Justy Only 32000KA550 TW64J5B1BH
JUN 88-1989 5 4WD Justy Only 32000KB400 TW64J5B2BH
1989 5 4WD Justy Only 32000KA980 TW64J5H2BH
1990-1994 5 4WD Justy Only 32000KB950 TW64J5H3AH
1989 ECVT FWD Justy Only 31000KA180 TB40P0G2UA
1990-1992 ECVT FWD Justy Only 31000KA320 TB40P0G2UB
1993-1994 ECVT FWD Justy Only 31000KA760 TB40P0G2UB
1990-1992 ECVT 4WD Justy Only 31000KA310 TB40P0G2UA
1993-1994 ECVT 4WD Justy Only 31000KA770 TB40P0G2UA


Transmission Reseal Kits

Get your transmission in shape with these OEM Reseal Kits!!!

Fits 1987-1994 2WD 5spd - DJTRS1  $29

Fits 1987-1994 4WD 5spd - DJTRS2  $49

Fits 1989-1993 2WD ECVT - DJTRS3  $39

Fits 1989-1994 4WD ECVT - DJTRS4  $59


ECVT Wear Items

ECVT Brush Holder Assy (w/ new brushes) - DJCVTBH  $95

ECVT Powder Clutch Assy, to Dec '88 - DJCVTPC1  $599

ECVT Powder Clutch Assy, Jan '89-up - DJCVTPC2  $599


Remanufactured ECVT Transmissions!!!  FINALLY!!!

We all know the weaknesses of the Subaru ECVT unit, and how difficult they are to have rebuilt or even find!!!  Search no more!!!  We carry super-high-quality aftermarket and OEM remanufactured units.  I would recommend using our brand over the OEM Subaru units... ours are cheaper and carry the best warranty in the business.  They are also built 150% better than OEM, and with a 3yr/75,000mi warranty you won't have to worry about buying another one (again)... even if you abuse it!!!  You are also guaranteed the core refund upon return of your old one... no more waiting for Subaru's refund which might not pay!


Accurate Remanufactured with 3yr/75,000mi warranty!!!  The BEST there are!!!

All have an additional $600 core charge, refunded when we receive yours!

All 1989-1993 2WD - DJCVT1  $3227.27 from Subaru, $2700 from us!

All 1990-1994 4WD - DJCVT2  $3411.69 from Subaru, $3100 from us!


If you still want to go with OEM, we carry Subaru Remanufactured units also.  But a final warning, you are not guaranteed the core refund from Subaru.  Don't waste your extra money and buy one of our Accurate ECVT and get double the warranty for half the price!!!


OEM Subaru Remanufactured with 12 month limited warranty!

All have an additional $1200 core charge, refunded when and if Subaru refunds us!

1989 2WD ECVT - DJCVT3  $3227.27 from Subaru, $3000 from us!

1990-1993 2WD ECVT - DJCVT4  $3227.27 from Subaru, $3000 from us!

1990-1994 4WD ECVT - DJCVT5  $3411.69 from Subaru, $3200 from us!


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