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1988 Subaru Justy GL 4WD

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Subaru Justy EF12 Parts:

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Subaru EF12 Engine              Subaru EF12 Shortblock

The Subaru Justy features a unique inline three cylinder based off of the Suzuki G10 engine.  Subaru took Suzuki's design and refined it, making their own 1.0L and 1.2L versions, the EF10 and the EF12.  The EF12 is what all US Justys are equipped with.  Introduced in 1987, this belt driven SOHC 3cyl with iron block, aluminum head, chain driven balance shaft, and three valves per cylinder was introduced to compete in the sub-compact class, where other cars had small four cylinders.  The EF12 was highly competitive, and in 1990 optional multi-port fuel injection appeared boasting 1HP per cubic inch!  The EF12-E replaced the EF12 in 1991, (which was the last carbureted car sold in the US).  The EF12-E was the only engine used until 1994 when Subaru pulled the plug on the Justy and the EF engine.

Engine Bore Stroke Displacement Compression Horsepower Torque Fuel System
EF10 78mm (3.07") 69.6mm (2.74") 998cc (61cid) 9.5:1 47@5000rpm 59@3200rpm 1bbl Hitachi
EF12 78mm (3.07") 83mm (3.27") 1189cc (73cid) 9.0:1 66@5200rpm 70@3600rpm 2bbl Hitachi
EF12-E 78mm (3.07") 83mm (3.27") 1189cc (73cid) 9.1:1 73@5600rpm 71@3600rpm Multi-Port FI

Click for: Service Information, Diagrams, Specifications, Capacities, Torque Specs


  K&N Air Filter for carb - 133101  $49



Alternator Belt for 1987-1988 - DJAB1  $15

Alternator Belt for 1989-1994 - DJAB2  $15

A/C Belt for 1987-1988 - DJCB1  $19

A/C Belt for 1989-1990 Hitachi - DJCB2  $19

A/C Belt for 1990-1994 Wynns - DJCB3  $14

Timing Belt - DJTB1  $39

Timing Belt Tensioner - DJTB2  $45


Cooling System

STi Radiator Cap (19psi) - 1324004  $49

OEM Radiator Cap - DJRC1  $12

Engine Block Heater - DJEBH1  $29

Water Pump Rebuild Kit - DJWPKIT1  $32


Fuel System

Carburetor Rebuild Kit 1987-1988 - DJCK1  $12

Carburetor Rebuild Kit for 1989-1992  - DJCK2  $9

Fuel Cap for all models - DJFC1  $19

New OE Fuel Pump for 1987-1988 - DJFP1  $79

New OE Fuel Pump for 1989-1992 carb - DJFP2  $49

New OE Fuel Pump for all EFI - DJFP3  $275


Gaskets & Seals

OEM Subaru Gasket Set for 1987-1988 - 132013  $239

OEM Subaru Gasket Set for 1989-1992 Carb - 132014  $189

OEM Subaru Gasket Set for 1989-1994 EMPI - 132015  $189

Cam Seal - DJCS  $

Intake Gasket for all Carb - DJIG1  $

Intake Gasket for all EFI - DJIG2  $

Exhaust Manifold Gasket  - DJEG  $


Head Gasket Set for all Carb - 132115  $

Head Gasket Set for all EFI - 132116  $

Lower Gasket Set for All - 132126  $

Front Seal Kit - DJFSK  $

  Rear Seal Kit - DJRSK  $

  Valve Cover Gasket - DJVCG  $

  Valve Stem Seal Set - DJVSK  $



OE Spark Plug (NGK) - BPR6ES-11  $9/set

High-Power NGK Iridium IX Plug - 2P04  $25/set

NGK 8mm Plug Wire Set - DJSPW1  CONTACT US!

SNAP Remanufactured Distributors!  All Just $159 with a refundable $65 Core!

Pickup Coil for all carb - DJIPC1  $59

Pickup Coil for all EFI - DJIPC2  $185 (Cheaper to get Distributor)

Distributor Cap for carb - DJDC1  $25

Distributor Cap for EFI - DJDC2  $14


  Justy Ignition Parts, Coil & Ignitor



Oil Filter - DJOF  $5

Oil Cap for 1987-1988 - DJOC1  $6

Oil Cap for 1989 - DJOC2  $6

Oil Cap for 1990+ - DJOC3  $8

Complete Front Cover Assy w/ new oil pump, 87-88 - DJFCK1  $399

Complete Front Cover Assy w/ new oil pump, 89-94 -DJFCK2  $399


Rings & Bearings


Undersize Bearings (.25mm) available per request!

Strengthened Rod Bearing Set - DJEBS1  $75

Reinforced Main Bearing Set - DJEBS2  $89

Premium Piston Ring Sets, STD, .25, .50mm - DJERS1  CONTACT US!



Remanufactured Starters available per request!

New OEM Subaru Starter for all MT - DJOES1  $350

New OEM Subaru Starter for all ECVT - DJOES2  $350

Starter Relay (Under Dash LH side) - DJSR1  $29


--> Reworked Cylinder Heads available NOW!!! <--

Each head is magna fluxed, decked, ported/polished, and then cc'd to assure you the most reliable bolt-on performance available.  Heads have been completely remanufactured with high quality valves, springs, and bronze valve guides.  Even comes with a Fel-Pro head gasket set, new head bolts, and NGK Iridium Spark Plugs!!!  Just reuse your old camshaft and add up to 20HP. 


--> Performance Short Blocks available NOW!!! <--

Each block is magna fluxed, decked, bored (if necessary), and honed.  Every surface has been checked and made to meet OEM specs to assure you the most reliable bolt-on performance available.  Engines come fully balanced with our upgraded bearings, Sealed Power piston rings, and quality hardware.  Connecting rods are shot-peened for added strength, and comes with a complete Fel-Pro gasket set and new head bolts!!!  These engines with our cylinder head are capable of 130HP naturally aspirated and 200HP@15psi safely!!!  Sold EXCHANGE ONLY!!!

$2999 for 9:1 Pistons, perfect for stock fuel systems or Turbo Swaps!


Want to Build your own?  That's Cool too:

New OEM Cylinder Block, GEN1 - EF121B $899

New OEM Cylinder Block, GEN2 - EF122B  $1099


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